Pacific Wooden Boats promotes the culture and ethos of wooden boat building and sailing.  It encompasses traditional plank-on-frame construction, cold moulding, strip planking and plywood. There are no hard lines drawn in the sand – it’s all about craftsmanship, seamanship and the self-sufficiency of wooden boat builders and sailors.

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  1. Rod Desborough said:

    Could you provide a rough estimate of the hours required to build Bolger
    s design , the Glouchester Light Dory? A ball park idea of material costs also appreciated.

    • It’s almost 10 years since we built the dory so my recollection of material costs is hazy. It would be very dependent on the quality of those materials too which would reflect in the durability of the boat. I would guess at around $1500 for quality materials – marine grade ply and clear fir etc.

      Building time greatly varies according to builder skills and shop facilities. My best guess would be 100 – 300 hours.

      Hope this helps!

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